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Wanderers out of Gold Cup Competition

The Namibia Premier Rugby Club Wanderers lost by 27 points to 35 against Evergreen of South Africa in their fourth match of the Gold Cup on Saturday.
Wanderers' dreams of reaching the semi-final of the Gold Cup competition ended on Saturday, after they lost by narrow margin scores.
The game started on a slow pace due to windy weather, but it was the visitors who scores first to make things difficult for the Pioneerspark-based Wanderers.
Wanderers needed to win this game, and they displayed good tactics indeed.

Dj Junne Top 10

In other words, Apple is behaving a lot like Google. It sees the enterprise as an enormous growth opportunity, and one important way into the enterprise is through schools. For one thing, there are lots of schools, and so many of them need new tech, after using stuff from Microsoft and IBM for far too long. Plus, if kids start using Apple technology in school, they’ll grow up and want to use it at work too. Oh, and the

The Unseen premiere

A new film ‘The Unseen’ about art, identity and solitude will premiere on Wednesday, 24 August, at the Alte Feste in Windhoek.