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Nine cases of GBV recorded in Kavango East over weekend

The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Kavango East Region recorded nine cases of gender-based violence (GBV) over the past weekend.
These incidences were confirmed by NamPol Kavango East crime investigations coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Bob Kanyetu, who said alcohol was a factor in all the recorded cases.
“Domestic violence is the biggest threat to a healthy society and to our women. This is something that we have to discourage,” Kanyetu told Nampa on Monday.
He said information on the issue will be shared with the Police GBV sub-division in Rundu to develop a programme that enhances the education of the community on GBV.
“People who love each other should not harm each other. It is not good,” he stressed.
Kanyetu further told this agency that crimes of housebreaking in Rundu had subsided since last week due to vigorous patrolling by the police. It is an improvement on the 15 cases recorded last month in the area, where electronic appliances such as televisions, laptop computers and mobile phones were stolen.
In Nkarapamwe location, also known as Katutura, a house was recently broken into at around midnight while the owners were asleep and the thieves got away with electronics with an estimated value of N.dollars 15 000.
Kanyetu also attributed the frequent housebreakings to the lack of streetlights in some locations such as Millennium Park, Katutura and Safari, saying this makes it easy for criminals to commit their acts.
The crime investigations coordinator also called on members of the community, especially in the areas of Rainbow and Millennium Park, to take precautionary measures when leaving their houses.
He suggested that people should not stay away from their houses for too long but if they have to, they should alert their neighbours who should then alert the police when they see strange movements at their neighbours’ houses.

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