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Public invited to participate in Independence art exhibition

The Namibian Arts Association (NAA) plans to hold an exhibition to celebrate Namibia's independence with artifacts collected from artists and members of the public.
The exhibition is planned to last for about a month, commencing on 14 March.
Speaking to Nampa on Wednesday, NAA curator Actofel Illovu called on members of the community and artists to submit any personal objects in their possession, which symbolises the liberation struggle and the time leading up to the nation's independence.
We are open to all kinds of artistic disciplines such as fine art, the written word, ceramics, jewellery, fashion or music, among others, said Illovu.
NAA wants to celebrate Independence and also show how different people had different experiences and share those, he added.
He continued that this is the first time NAA will hold an exhibition where the community is directly involved in what is being exhibited.
I want the exhibition to reflect both the history of the country and the cultural and artistic diversity of its contemporary art, to serve as an educational forum for citizens of Namibia and the artist community,” stated Illovu.
He mentioned that they decided to involve the public in order to reach more people.
Illovu also said that the artists will create something from the collaboration and that the items will be returned to the owners at the end of the exhibition, but if the owners wish to sell them, they are welcome to do so.
We believe that this will create awareness and appreciation for art as well as entice the public to value art.
Illovu highlighted that art is not appreciated enough and this is a perfect opportunity to create and foster an easy relationship between artists and the community by collaborating in a creative process.
Submission for the general public and artists started from 18 February and the final day of submission will be 12 March at the NAA offices.

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