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RA donates boreholes to Kavango West

The Roads Authority (RA) on Thursday handed over nine boreholes along the Tsumeb-Katwitwi road to the Kavango West Regional Council (KWRC) through the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF).
This comes after the RA received a request from the KWRC to donate boreholes that were drilled and used during the upgrading of the Tsumeb-Katwitwi road to bitumen standard.
RA Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Lutombi said this during the official handing over of the boreholes at Mukonda village, adding that the RA is aware of the water scarcity and shortages being experienced across the country.
“Being fully aware of the water crisis concerns facing communities, the request from the council was granted in principle,” he said.
The boreholes will first be transferred to the MAWF for rehabilitation before being used by the community.
Using its own resources, the ministry will install the necessary pumps and rehabilitate the boreholes to ensure that communities have access to safe and clean drinking water, Lutombi said.
The ministry through the directorate of rural water supply and sanitation coordination will be responsible for carrying out routine maintenance for the boreholes as per its mandate.
The boreholes are located at the following areas of the Mpungu Constituency; one at Mpungu Vlei, two at Katope Gomugoro, three at Nkata, two at Mukonda and one at Muketeke.
Lutombi called on members of the community to jealously guard these assets against vandalism and to ensure that the boreholes are well taken care of in order to also be used by the future generation.

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