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Steenkamp says learners should understand importance of national anthem

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture, Sanet Steenkamp, has instructed teachers to teach learners the proper way to sing the national anthem.
Steenkamp was speaking on Tuesday at Groot Aub Primary School during the handover of furniture worth N.dollars 140 000 donated by First National Bank Namibia (FNB).
“It is important that learners are taught from a young age that there is only one way of standing when singing the national anthem as we take pride in our nation and country,” she said.
She said it is also the responsibility of all teachers to ensure that every child knows the national anthem’s lyrics.
“This is an instruction that every teacher must adhere to,” she said, adding that the learners must sing the national anthem with pride, understanding and praise in their hearts, with respect to those who came before them.
Steenkamp explained that educating children on the importance of cultural values and promotion of cultural diversity starts with the national anthem.
She called for the community and parents to show more involvement in their children’s education and ensure that the furniture donated to the school is taken care of.
Groot Aub Primary School, located some 60 kilometres south of Windhoek, has over 900 learners.
Steenkamp thanked FNB for its generosity, saying the donation is a clear indication of how much they value the people of Groot Aub, especially the learners.
She expressed hope that the furniture will go a long way in adding value to the learners' lives and in transforming the community by helping to produce professionals and entrepreneurs who will develop Groot Aub into a place that everyone will want to associate themselves with. (NAMPA)

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