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hottest brand fashion show in the north

PUB LIMIT HOSTS FASHION SHOW: Pub Limit with Kashipu Investment CC brings you all the 2nd Local Brands Galore at Pub Limit, Onethindi on Saturday 29 October. The 1st Local Brands Galore was held at Omunangeshefa Pub in Ondangwa earlier this year and it was a success. “The aim of local brands galore is to create unity amongst our local brands and to market local brands, because I believe that a lot of local brands are not known by the community and this will provide the platform for these brands,” said organiser Sandro Ithana.

Week 3

Friday 20 January 2017 at 13H10 in the Eye Opener Show, Shipi FM Stickers competition draw will be done by Ondangwa Mayor Honorable Mr Paavo Amwele
live in studio on please tuned in.

All winners of Shipi FM 2016 Stickers Competition qualified for the draw to win a watch
Every Friday 23 December 2016 until
23 February 2017 at