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Keetmanshoop Municipality bolsters waste management efforts

(NAMPA) – In efforts to improve waste management and reduce illegal dumping, the Keetmanshoop Municipality has acquired 12 skip containers and a skip loader truck.
The municipality's public relations officer, Dawn Kruger, told Nampa in a recent interview the containers and truck cost the municipality N.dollars 2.25 million.
She said the containers will be placed at 12 different locations and will be mostly be used for building and garden waste.
“The containers will improve the cleanliness of the town and help us with the illegal dumping of building and garden waste. This can also decrease pollution and health risks, as we know where there is pollution and dirt, there is a risk for diseases such as Hepatitis E,” she said.
Keetmanshoop has only one dumpsite, which Kruger said is not conveniently located, leading to people dumping waste at illegal sites.
“Imagine, someone stays far from the dumpsite and they do not have a car to transport the waste, so they just dispose of it anyhow they want, but now with these skip containers, I think illegal dumping will be reduced,” said Kruger.
The municipality has also installed new traffic lights on the corner of Sam Nujoma Avenue and Mimosa Street in the Tseiblaagte residential area at a cost of N.dollars 150 000.
The traffic lights are the first to be installed at the southern town since Independence in 1990.
Kruger said research was done on what the most suitable setting would be for new traffic lights.
“The traffic lights were installed where the Tseiblaagte and Krönlein residential areas intersect as these two area are growing at a fast rate as development such as housing is kicking in. There is a lot of inflow of people and cars, therefore, for safety reasons, traffic lights were required,” she said.
Kruger further stated that the municipality plans to install new mast lighting in all residential areas in a project valued at over N.dollars 3 million that is expected to be completed by the end of June this year.

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