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Ndonga Linena youth introduce ‘Ghupampi day’

Youth from the Ndonga Linena Constituency plan to from this year on celebrate ‘Ghupampi day’, translated as ‘day of hard work’ at various villages within the constituency.
The day will be celebrated annually on 28 September.
This was discussed at a meeting the young people held in Rundu on Saturday evening together with the constituency’s councillor Petrus Kavhura.
Haushiku Kemba, the chairperson of the youth committee said Kavhura - the first councillor of Ndonga Linena - encouraged the youth when he took office in 2015 to take an active role in the development of the constituency.
This was especially to be in the areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and giving back to their community.
“Following this call, the youth came up with this day with the aim of celebrating achievements within the constituency and to encourage the younger generation to work hard in order to achieve their life dreams,” said Kemba.
He further explained that they plan through the event every year to bring together graduates as well as people who have succeeded in various areas from that constituency to offer motivational talks and career guidance to the youth.
Plenary discussions will be conducted on issues affecting the constituency through engagements with principals of various schools and village headmen.
“Donations will also be given to schools going through extreme challenges and recommendations will be provided on how to develop a certain school or community,” added Kemba.
On his part, the constituency councillor said all in all the concept of Ghupampi day is about development.
“Development is about changing people’s lives from where they are to where their quality of life should improve,” Kavhura said.
Government alone and its resources have done a great job thus far to make sure that basic needs are covered, however, as individuals there are still things that can be done with own resources to make sure people’s lives are improved, he said.
“Some people call this, meeting government halfway. So these are just some of the programmes or projects we can do as a communi

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