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Ondangwa studying waste management proposal

Ongwediva-Ondangwa Town Council is studying proposals submitted to it on how to manage waste that is generated by residents.

Currently the town does not have a plan on how to manage waste nor does it have a properly run waste dumpsite where waste is dumped and stored. However, this state of affairs is expected to come to an end when the proposed environment management plan is approved.

The proposed waste management plan suggests that whoever will be responsible for managing the dumpsite should ensure that no waste is dumped or allowed into nearby streams [iishana omadhiya]. To prevent this from happening the plan proposes that the dumpsite be monitored on a daily basis.

The management plan further proposes that the dumpsite be kept clean and orderly at all times by identifying and clearly marking areas, containers and skips for the storage of general and recyclable waste. Those that are intended for glass should also have clear marking showing the purpose of the container.

The plan further proposes that in case of waste becoming too much, the process of compaction be introduced. And to prevent air as well as odour pollution from the dump, a layer of soil should be placed over the waste at the end of each day.

The plan suggests that the dumpsite operator keeps a register of the quantities and type of waste that is dumped at the site each day. The information on the register should also indicate the origin of the waste, the date of delivery and identity of the producer of waste.

To make it easier for those taking waste to the dump, the site should be divided into cells that allow the separation of incompatible refuse like building rubble, household and garden waste.

The plan proposes that hazardous waste should not be dumped at the site. The dumpsite should also be fenced and the fence be inspected on a daily basis.The aim is to prevent any access of public members and unauthorised people to the site.

The site must also be secured by having security officers monitoring the site the whole day.

The site should also have enough storm water drainage to avoid contamination of nearby water areas. All personnel working on the dumpsite should wear protective clothing and masks.

Vehicles transporting waste should make sure that no waste escapes from them while the waste is in transit.


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