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OvaKwanyama Martha Mwadinomho pays respect to Kind Mandume

The group of delegates, in the company of Meeku­lu Ohamba yOvaKwanyama Martha Mwadinomho Kristian yaNelumbu departed from Omhedi palace for Angola for the laying of the wreath at Oihole, Cunene Province, Angola yesterday. .KING Mandume Ndeulikufa Ndemufayo, the last independ­ent ruler of the OvaKwanyama people in southern Angola and north­ern Namibia will be remembered at Oihole, this weekend.
February 6, marks a centenary since the death of the legendary Ohamba yOvaKwanyama, King Ndemufayo, who fought Portuguese and British co­lonial forces in and around Oukwany­ama.
Ndemufayo is honoured as a na­tional hero in both Angola and Na­mibia.
The commemo­rations marks 100 years after the death of Ndemufayo.
Ndemufayo grew up during a time of significant upheaval in the Oukwan­yama kingdom due to the presence of European merchants and missionaries.
He was third in line to the Kwany­ama throne hence the prince lived in fear of assassination from an early age.
Overall, King Ndemufayo sought to restore previous Oukwanyama wealth and prosperity against a decaying sys­tem of local leadership.
Mandume Ya Ndemufayo is one of the first nine national heroes of Na­mibia interred at the national Heroes’ Acre in 2002.
A University in Angola that was es­tablished in 1963, Universidade Man­dume Ya Ndemufayo, is also named after him.

  • Title: OvaKwanyama Martha Mwadinomho pays respect to Kind Mandume
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