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Queen of Otyaka resurfaces

The new album will be her fourth. Her musical strength has been witnessed since she broke into the music industry, and through the many collaborations that she had been mixing.
When asked why she had taken so long to get back into the music scene, she said she needed to get herself sorted out.
“I needed to give myself time because I was going through some serious personal problems and I needed to overcome that phase. I got over it and decided it was time to get back in the studio,” said Tunakie
The singer’s desire to bring Folk Dance back on stage is the one that led her to her own fusion of Shambo. While most musicians matched the sounds of Americans, Tunakie yearned to be like local greats.
Her album ‘Efeinge’ which means ‘Let me be ‘talks about her personal experience as a woman, abusive relationships and life regarding women.
“Efeinge is close to my heart because of the hurdles I experienced in my life. And the whole album is dedicated to women out there who are in abusive relationships. Nowadays men tend to abuse women who keep quiet, women should stand up and leave abusive relationships.”
The award-winning artist said that passion killing in Namibia has become an epidemic and it breaks her heart to see women, who could have contributed so much, have their lives cut short.
“Our men don’t want to give women a chance to go out there and make money. They just want housewives and when a woman does her own thing, it creates problems. This is why I released this album to convey the message through music” added the songstress.
She will host her album launch on 23 December at Okalongo.

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